Thursday, 17 Oct 2019
Home Improvement

We Changed All the Locks

My husband and I thought it would take us a while to find the perfect home once we seriously started looking. We had actually given ourselves a generous timetable of a year, figuring that we would look at a lot of houses before finding the one we wanted. Well, we needed all of two weeks. The third house we looked at was the one we both instantly knew was ours. We knew we had to wait a bit for the paperwork to clear, but I already did a search on things such as access locksmiths in Brisbane and electricians.

The only reason we needed an electrician was to add some outlets to a few rooms. The more important thing though was finding a good locksmith in the area. The couple we purchased the house from seems really sweet, but I just have a very cautious nature about myself. Though they assured me that they would turn over all keys, I just knew that I would feel better if a locksmith came out before we even moved in and changed all of the locks in the house. I wanted that done before we even started to move furniture in.

I looked at the different locksmiths in the area on my computer. In today’s times, anything you can possibly want to know about a business can be found online, especially if it is a company that provides poor service. The good thing is that there were no really negative things about any of the companies I looked at online. It was still easy enough for me to pick the one we wanted to use though just from the good reviews left on all the companies. I wanted a locksmith that was going to go above and beyond in service, and only one fit that bill. It was a thrilling day for us when we were able to have the locks changed, because that meant the house was ours!