Monday, 14 Oct 2019
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Things You Should Look In Your Minimalist Home Lighting Setup Is The Selection Of The Light Source

There are two kinds of light sources, namely through the light and sunlight.

  1. Lighting Design room with Sunlight

To sunlight you can use the windows in your home. The trick is to use glass windows and covered with a curtain rather thick or it could be curtains that bright colors so that it can reflect sunlight from outdoors to indoors. Curtain color selection can affect your sunset light color and light color shade can make your home into a cozy atmosphere. Selection Reclaimed Wood Flooring Products properly, will further add to the cozy atmosphere.

Make sure you have more than one window in your home. So that sunlight can break into your home and make your home brighter. The bedroom also like to apply a large glass window, with fitted blinds. You certainly know the hotel or a luxury villa typically use the same way, so that at daybreak the window could be opened so that light can enter the morning sun illuminate your bedroom.

In addition to the window you can also use a ceiling or roof that you replace it with glass or other materials that could create a translucent light into your home. This room center you can place so that when the day your living room remains bright sunlight. Windows airspace above the glass windows could also be a means of entry of light your home. 3 Use them well then you will be easily accessible home is sufficient sunlight.

  1. Lighting Design room with the lights

 For light, you can use a wide variety of light bulbs. Surely you must choose the most appropriate for the needs of your home. For the selection of the layout of the lamp itself apart your light hanging in the sky – the sky you can use the lights in the corner of the room coupled with the lamp on the table. To decorate your living room, you can use a light color variations do not always have a white color. It is a bright white color could make the room but even better if you adjust where the location of the lamp and the light is needed. For the living room a bright color can choose white can also be somewhat dim to appear exotic chandeliers is very nice if you want to show the impression of luxury but less suitable for minimalist house. For color light not too much color, choose a light color that is dominant.