Monday, 14 Oct 2019
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The Meaning of Welding

Welding is a process whereby two or more pieces of metal are combined into one (constantly) using high temperatures. This hot power is required to melt the base material to be connected and the welding wire as filler material. After the cold and freeze will happen fixed bonds. For more information you can visit In calgary welding the past welding work was done by the blacksmith by heating the two metals to be joined until they reached their liquid point. Then proceed with forging the two metals that have been put together on a base. Currently, many constructions use metal raw materials, most of which are worked by welding. In this way will result in a stronger and lighter connection. The welding technology has grown rapidly and in view of the implementation of its connection, the welding process can be classified into liquid welding, welding of electrical resistance and soldering.

Welding ASETILEN (Oxygen-Acetylene) Acetylene welding or carbide welding is a way of welding with flame from the burning of acetylene gas and acid (oxygen, O2). This is also known as the Oxy- ASETILEN method, is when both gases (ASETILEN and O2 ) Mixed into one in the appropriate amount and ignited then in a short time will produce high heat. Or you can see welding shop  to looking for information about welding. To obtain a good combustion flame it is necessary to adjust the gas mixture to burn. If the O2 gas is added, it will produce a very high temperature, higher than the temperature of melting point steel or other metals so that in an instant able to melt the metal is thick enough. Therefore, this type of welding is very good for cutting metal.

INSTALLATION OF Welding ASETYLENE EQUIPMENT Acetylene gas to be used for welding can be obtained by making itself with an acetylene generator or directly using the gas already stored in the acetylene tube. You can visit CWB certified welders for more info Based on the acetylene gas source used, the welding may be carried out by means of an acetylene tube carrier and with an acetylene generator.