Monday, 14 Oct 2019
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Share Your Workout with Your Pet

Many people use the time spent walking their pets as time for relaxation.  But few think of using that time as an occasion for regular exercise.  And many folks don’t really take the “exercise” part of the equation seriously.  While they enjoy taking the dog out and strolling through the neighborhood, they often don’t indulge in activity sufficient to really burn off calories, tighten muscles or give cardio-vascular systems a real workout.  Indeed, some people will go out, walk their dog, and return to sit and eat before the television for the remainder of the evening.  Others make a big production out of using expensive exercise equipment at home or in the gym, when they could have the same exercise by really working out while walking their pet.

You might consider making your daily dog walk a real form of regular exercise.  It wouldn’t cost much and would benefit both you and your pet if incorporated into your daily regimen.  Put on a GPS smartwatch with built in sports apps – available with a Groupon coupon from Garmin – to help you keep track of your activity while working out.  Wear some comfortable activewear and bring along a water bottle and you are ready to start getting into shape.  Take a different route each day so you don’t get bored.  And try making the exercise a game with your pet to make it more of a shared experience.  There are also many clubs of individuals who like to exercise with their pets as a regular activity.  It can be another way to meet folks and make friends.  And take advantage of the opportunity to use some of Garmin’s best exercise monitoring products like their wristwatch with built-in wristband heart monitor.  Use a Groupon to obtain one that you can wear when exercising.

By making this a regular routine your pet will soon eagerly anticipate going out for the daily run.  You will find it a great way to unwind after coming home from a day at work; exercise is one of the best ways to get rid of tensions built up in the workplace.  And you will sleep sounder.  Your regular run may be a bonding experience you share with your pet, and one that costs far less than membership in a gym or fitness club.