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One way to change the look and modernize a home is remodel the bathroom. There are many aspects to discuss about bathroom remodels, but the emphasis here will be on the shower enclosure. Many homes built in the 60’s and 70’s included tubs.

Unless you’re looking for a Jacuzzi type tub, it’s more common now to remove the tub and transform the area in to a shower. To do this, you’ll need to first remove the tub.

Once the tub is removed, there are a couple of options regarding the base. A pre-fabricated shower pan can be purchased and installed. Or, you can float the floor and create your own pan. The next decision is the walls. 4″ x 4″ tiles are outdated.

The smallest recommended tile size would be 6″ x 6″, however, to get a more modern look, 12″ x 12″ tiles, or larger, would be ideal. Travertine is a very popular material used on shower and bathroom walls.

Another option to consider for the walls is solid stones, and installing a solid piece on each wall in the shower areal. Shower fixtures are also important for color, style, and looks. Brushed nickel provides the most modern look, and overhead rain showers have become very popular.

Once you have the inside of the shower complete, you’ll need to figure out how to keep the water from coming out. Glass enclosures are very popular. 3/8″ thick clear safety glass is most common so you can show off the work you’ve done in the shower area. However, there are options for etched glass or architectural glass, if the budget can afford it.… Read the rest ...

Painting is the most convenient and money saving upgrade project you can do to your home. With hundreds of colors and shades your choices are endless. Create a space of visual appeal, comfort and value. Stick to shades that bring out your personality to include a theme. Tranquility, fun and energy are some of my favorites.

Get some feedback from family members to include them in the process. Why break the bank trying to improve your home when this simple project makes a huge impact. As a professional real estate appraiser my advice is always upgrade!

For kitchens I suggest bright and energetic colors since this is where the life of the home resides. Good lighting is a must therefore color should be the focus. The family room should be a shade that reflects energy from the whole family. Remember this is the gathering space for movies, music and overall social space.

Pick a shade that reflects your personality and ambiance. If movies are your family favorite pastimes in this space then a subtle shade should be your choice. But if you prefer listening to music in this space you should choose a shade that reflects that particular genre. Maybe a bold shade for salsa music and a pale shade for classical music.

Now for the master bedroom I strongly suggest a color that reflects your personality. This is particularly important because this room is made to be your sanctuary. Keep in mind that if you have a master bath you should allow the color scheme to flow.

This will give the space a visual appeal. The bedroom linens and coverings should be kept in the same color flow. Don’t allow your colors to clash. Another tip is to purchase good quality rollers and brushes. You should keep in mind that choosing a satin based shade is best for both the bedroom and baths. The satin finish brings out a touch of glow to space. In other words, it gives it a high-end look.

I prefer satin finish throughout the home, but again the choice is yours. Whichever color finish you decide to use it will always create value. Remember value is key when maintaining your home’s condition. Touch up is simple too. Wipe and clean to bring out the fresh appearance should you get marks or spots. Painting is just a cost-effective and easy way to achieve … Read the rest ...

Whether you are planning a basic remodel of your master bedroom, adding a family room or building a house, one of the most important aspects of the job is hiring a competent, reliable, and trustworthy contractor.

When you hire a contractor, it is vital that it be someone you feel comfortable with, since you will likely be spending a fair amount of time discussing the work to be done. Keeping this in mind, you will want to take your time choosing a general contractor.

Talk to those you know for recommendations, contact your local home builders association or make inquiries at your home improvement store to get a list of the contractors in your area who meet your needs.

Before Hiring a Contractor

Once you have made some inquiries and have a list of contractors, you will want to do a little research before you schedule the first interview.

Verify that the contractor is registered with your state’s contractors association.

Check out the contractor online with sites like Angies List; call your local building department or the BBB to find out if there have been any reports about the contractors you are considering.

Find out how long the contractor has been in business and if there are any pending or past actions against a contractor’s bond.

As you make the calls, be sure that you have a clear idea of what the project will be. After all, if you don’t know what you want to have done or are unable to clearly explain it to the contractor, it will be much more difficult to find someone willing to work for you.Queries for Interviewing a General Contractor

Once you have the scope of the project determined, you will want to start talking to prospective contractors. As part of the interview, there are several items that should be discussed.

Ask for references and then check them out. If at all possible, ask the other homeowners if you can see the work. Also, see if you can drop by a current jobsite to see work in progress.

Ask for references of suppliers that the contractor works with and check out their payment record. If they are behind on any bills, find another contractor!

Ask for a copy of the contractor’s insurance policy and make sure you understand what is covered.

Ask that the contractor post a performance bond for the entire … Read the rest ...

When remodeling a washroom, many people tend to focus on the big details such as the walls, the floor, and the different accessories like the bath, the sink and the toilet. Seldom do people devote the time necessary to the various fixtures which complement the bathroom. There are many of them, but perhaps one of the more impacting ones are the bathroom faucets. It might not look as if they play a big part in the bathroom’s overall appearance, but having the perfect matching faucets can actually boost up your washroom’s atmosphere by quite a bit. There are many of them to choose from, and so it would be best to go category by category to see which ones suit you.

The single hole is the simplest one of the faucets, and it’s equipped with nothing more than a mere handle connected to the water spout. In smaller bathrooms, this style might actually be very engaging and even complementing.

The basin faucets have both cold and hot water handles, each of them having their own release valve, meaning that the waters actually mix in the sink rather than in the plumbing; this design is great for more classically styled washrooms that need an elegant and soothing element in them.

There are those that are mounted on walls and usually go along with an accessory which has been hung on a wall as well. If matched with the proper types of accessories, this can give off quite the classy atmosphere.

When it comes to installing some faucets in a large bathroom, nothing complements it better than a wide set. This set has separate handles for releasing cold and hot water which is mixed in the central spout. Sinks equipped as such usually happen to be larger than their regular counterparts.

Finally, there is the center set and mini spread versions of the wide faucet, which have been modified for use in smaller bathrooms with less imposing sinks and accessories.… Read the rest ...

As remodeling projects surge, there is a big demand for house improvement and remodeling contractors. But not all projects meet their logical conclusion. There are quite a few horror stories about remodeling projects gone incorrect. Right here are a couple of things that you ought to know before you embark on a house improvement project:

– Hiring a Contractor: A general contractor is one who ensures that an architect’s plans are carried out flawlessly. He/she arranges for the materials required for the job, the skilled/unskilled workmen, and also taking care of other minor issues like contracting insurance etc. He charges a fixed price-usually 15-25 per cent above the cost of materials and labor. However, this would largely depend on the nature and the complexity of the job. You can save on these costs by acting as a general contractor for your project. But this isn’t a job for the faint-hearted. There are a hundred things to be taken care of, and a hundred worries to address. More often than not, it becomes very difficult to hire an architect who agrees to work with you.

– Before you hire the contractor, make sure you speak to the references and are convinced about the quality of their work. Friends and family members can also help you with references. You can also choose to hire them through online reference sites like Angie’s List.

– Make a decision on the operate on which you choose to carry on. Would you like to carry on the exterior, or an interior perform? If finances are an issue, contemplate only the exteriors. It may take anywhere from 3 months to a lot more than a year to finish the project.

– Finance is actually a concern, but do not reduce a corner simply to save money. People today generally finish up ‘penny smart and pound foolish’ when they acquire low-priced and unwarranted items. You typically finish up spending more money than you’d have saved, had you gone ahead using the costs. But yes, top quality merchandise might be recycled to be employed once more. Paint and tiles are amongst the list of things exactly where it isn’t prudent to reduce expenses. Exactly the same goes for employing professionals. Jobs like electric wiring and plumbing aren’t meant for every single DIY enthusiast. It is greatest to go for experts using the greatest qualifications.

These are just … Read the rest ...