Monday, 14 Oct 2019
Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Leading Trends In 2018 Kitchen Countertop Design

One of the kitchen’s most essential components is the countertop. That is where all of the action occurs. However, beyond that, when conducting a kitchen renovation, the countertop is the very foundation of your new kitchen decor. It has the responsibility of providing the feel for the space and setting the tone. We have compiled the hottest trends in countertops for 2018 that will provide you with some ideas that you can use in your very own kitchen or even in luxury bathrooms in Surrey.

1. Quartz is a Mainstay

Quartz has been introduced into the market as a high-end alternative to using granite. For years, the natural rock granite has been dominating the countertop scene, particularly among homeowners wanting something good looking, durable, and strong. However, the downside to granite is that it is porous. That means that liquids such as oils, wine, and water and seep through its surface and cause stains. Even worse than that, it promotes breeding of harmful bacteria that may leave your countertop in an unsanitary state.

One way to resolve the porous issue is through sealing the surface of the granite using a non-porous sealant. However, with wear and time, this sealant wears off, so over the course of its lifetime, the countertop needs to be resealed.

On the other hand, quartz is non-porous and it doesn’t need to re-sealed on a regular basis. It is also highly resistant to staining and is among the most hygienic kitchen countertop options that are available to homeowners. Another advantage of quartz is that it is very strong, which makes it incredibly durable. So you can why the low maintenance material is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. For many homeowners, quartz continues to their top choice in countertop material.

2. Polished vs. Textured Finishes

Recently there has been a design movement underway that uses more tactile and textured surfaces, so we might as well consider this trend for our countertops as well. The most common are leather and honed surfaces. You can apply them to many different kinds of materials, including quartz, marble, and granite. Although polish is the most popular still, tactile and textured surfaces have advantages as well.

A honed finish is a type of matte finish that has no or little shine. Its overall look varies depending on the type of stone, but it has a smooth surface and low sheen. Hone finishes work very well with marble since the lack of shine will more readily conceal any scratch marks or flaws.

3. Countertops That Have Character – Patterns and Veining Becoming Popular

These days, homeowners are wanting their countertops to have a bit more character. Fortunately, creative solutions are offered by today’s technology. Countertops are now available in a wide range of patterns unlike years past when only plain styles were available When it comes to trendy countertops, realistic veining is in while the old round particulates are out.

Materials such as quartz have been designed so that they look like natural stone slabs, such as marble and granite. It involves veins being created in interesting patterns and then swirled into the slab that makes the countertop. The added creativity and personality that this provides to your kitchen is sure to wow visitors. If you would like something that is more realistic, then you don’t need to have a piece that is polished – leathered and honed finished have all of the durability necessary for the kitchen while providing the space with a completely different look at the same time.

The varied finishes definitely make interesting matches to complement other kitchen design elements including the backsplash, cabinetry, walls, and flooring. It also provides your cooking with an interesting twist, to create a pleasant visual background for numerous activities in the kitchen.

4. Bright Colors are Out and Neutral Tones are In

One common theme that runs throughout recent home decor trends is the preference for neutral, soft tones. The bold and bright hues of the mid-century and Art Deco styles are losing their place gradually in the kitchen with tones that are more laid back taking their place.

Rather than a jet black or bright blue countertop, it is more likely that you will find beige, white, and soft grey tones in 2018 kitchens. There is more of a focus in using neutral backgrounds and highlighting interesting individual components. So you might new a beige countertop that has a mosaic pattern backsplash running up to the ceiling in contrast.


More laid back countertops appear to be winning right now. In 2018 the modern kitchen is featuring neutral colour countertops that have delicate thin slabs along with sleek integrated sinks. It appears that these current trends will be extending well beyond 2018.