Thursday, 17 Oct 2019

I Needed New Shutters for My House

When I went to my friend’s aunt’s house for a cookware party, it was the first time I had ever been there with her. Her aunt’s house is absolutely gorgeous, and it gave me some really great ideas on how to redecorate some parts of my own house. The thing that I liked the best about her house were the window treatments, and I asked her where she had gotten them. She told me orange county shutters is the company that sold them as well as installed them, and that I would be able to find them online.

I did end up buying a few things for my kitchen from her party, but I could not get those shutters out of my mind. They really made her house look so nice from both the outside as well as the inside, and I could not wait to get home so I could look at the website. I was really impressed with everything that I saw on the website for the shutter company, and I knew I was going to have a hard time picking out the ones that I wanted because there were just so many really great choices.

The good thing was that I did not have to do this on my own. One of the really nice things that this company offers is an in home design consultation. While the choices may be overwhelming for someone like me, the interior decorator that came out was able to make several different suggestions for each room where I wanted the shutters. She was able to blend what I already have with the look that I wanted to create and come up with several ideas for shutters in each room. It was much easier making a decision after that, and I am so glad that I went this route!