Monday, 14 Oct 2019

How to Decorate Your Home for a Christmas Party

Christmas is one of the most celebrated days in the calendar. Many people spend this time in the company of family and friends. For this reason, many of us try to decorate our homes, entrances, and everything else to get to the Christmas mood. For some, searching up ‘upholsterers near me‘ and fixing up the worn and torns around the house, buying a console table at the home’s entrance, twinkling lights, and a Christmas tree are standard items during this season. You can also add a couple of twinkling lights to the interior décor to help illuminate the area. Scented candles (cinnamon, etc.) can also be used inside bronze lanterns to create an inviting/warm environment for all, including the guests.


You could also make use of battery operated tea lights (in glass jars) instead of a string of fairy lights to create the mood as well. While fresh blooms may come in handy for decorations during Christmas, it would be advisable to use realistic faux flowers instead. This is because faux flowers do not wither hence can last through the holidays. Some foliage would also be a welcome idea and especially when used in the hallway.


It would also be a great idea to place festive foliage along door frames and bannisters as a way to light the way into the house/party. Eucalyptus and pine, among other aromatic greens, can also be used to bring about fresh fragrances to the party as well. Be sure to use these aromatic evergreens in high-traffic areas to help them release these fragrances when someone passes by. Even delicate yet aromatic herbs can be used to serve the purpose as well. The best thing about using these evergreens is that you can still add fairy lights to the same to add some radiance and sparkle.

Dress Up the Table

You may also want to dress up the table as well. With everyone dressed for the occasion, why not dress up the table to match the mood. The table arrangement, too, needs to be on point as well. Consider including some foliage to the mix to avoid a cliché arrangement. Pinecones, evergreens, and willow twigs would be helpful in creating a striking centrepiece. If twigs are hard to come by, you could then try filling a large glass vase with foliage, berries, or even flowers on the table alongside tapered candles. A little creativity is needed when doing this.

Make use of eye-catching designs. As mentioned earlier, some creativity is needed when decorating for Christmas, for instance, you can use a terrarium filled with foliage or baubles for your console table.

Festive Drinks

Serve drinks at the Christmas party. Spiced apple cider and homemade vodka cocktail are some of the best festive drinks you can serve during the party. Making these is also relatively easy as well. All you need to do is dissolve caster sugar (100 grams) and water (100ml), then simmer for 4 minutes. Allow the syrup to cool down then add sliced oranges and orange zest. Let the mixture infuse for a day in a cool place, then strain the mixture, which you can use when serving vodka cocktails. Consider serving the infused Vodka garnished with berries in glass tumblers.

Consider a Christmas-inspired bar. Do you have a storage unit or a dresser lying around? You can convert this into a small Christmas-inspired bar in no time. To do this, add a wallpaper to the dresser’s interior, then couple it with glass front doors. The glass doors should make the beverages inside visible, while guests can use the top of the dresser to mix their drinks and cocktail. If you, however, prefer serving your guests, the top can be used as a serving space as well. Having the wines and spirits in the display makes guests and everyone attending the party feel at home.

Party Food

The console table can also be used for your buffet. Load it up with party foods and let the guests serve themselves. Consider adding a vase or festive table runner to the same to make it more ‘festive-like’.


Don’t forget about the balloons when decorating. Balloons can be used in the dining table, Christmas tree, and in the hallway as well. Pair sparkling drinkware with white balloons and candlesticks. Consider using decorative weights and ribbons to tie white balloons with, these create a more polished look.

You can also add a set of small sparklers at each setting as a way to create an attention-grabbing table-scape. The sparkle will create an inviting appeal to the guests too.