Monday, 14 Oct 2019

How to Convert an Enclosed Dining Room into an Extra Bedroom

If you need more seating in the living room, you can just buy another recliner chair, but if you have to provide an additional person’s permanent sleep accommodation, you’ll need to figure out how you can make an extra bedroom. The easiest and most logical place to start is with an enclosed dining room. Basements aren’t always finished, and even those that are, can still be quite draughty in the winter. Using wall art from Love-Sticker will help to make a room that was formerly used to enjoy formal meals feel much more like a quaint bedroom. In addition to paintings, vinyl wall stickers, and even bedroom door decorations, here’s how you can convert that dining room space of yours into a comfortable place to sleep.

What Makes a Dining Room a Dining Room?

You can certainly just move all of the furniture out of your existing enclosed dining room, put in a bed and call it a day. However, formal dining rooms usually have other clues that make them look distinctive. For example, the lighting in your dining room is probably a lot different than all the other bedrooms. You might have a hanging chandelier or even recessed track lighting that makes it stand out. Use vinyl wall art stickers to help make the walls of your dining room feel like they belong in a bedroom instead. If you have any windows in the dining room area, you can use window treatments and put up wall art that will highlight the natural lighting that is present.

Including the Right Furniture

Put in a couple of bedside tables, a dresser and a vanity and you’ve got yourself the makings of a very nice bedroom. On the other hand, there also might be some heavy dining room furniture that has to stay put. If you include the perfect pieces of furniture in your newly created bedroom, then having furniture like a heavy china cabinet won’t make much of a difference. In addition, you can change up the look of existing furniture with a few vinyl stickers with ease.

Making a Bedroom Cosy

A bedroom will only feel like a bedroom if it has all of the essential details. First, there should be some type of rugs on the floor to help make the space feel a lot cosier. Next, the colours used in a bedroom have to be relaxing. Lastly, bedroom spaces have to be personalised at least to an extent. You can use vinyl wall art stickers to tie together a universal theme that’s found all over the house, or even just use them to signify that the room is for guests. Use various types of wall art to make the person who’s going to be sleeping in your newly converted bedroom feel at home.

Changing the Door

If you’d rather not have French doors with glass panels open up to your new bedroom, you should look to install a new door. Get a heavy solid oak door for privacy, or install a sliding wood panelled door if you’re going for an Eastern theme. The bedroom door that you put in should be a reflection of the rest of the doors used in your home already. Make sure that the windows and doors in the bedroom go together as well.

Make Adjustments as Necessary

When you have a room in your home that isn’t getting a lot of use in its current state, it makes sense to convert it. For some people, family rooms collect dust rather than visitors. If your formal dining room hasn’t been used in ages, it might work better as a bedroom or even an office. The only limitations you should put on converting rooms in your home is when it comes to having to do demolition and heavy-duty construction.

If you include a bed, ample lighting, and a sitting area in the space you used to use as your dining room, you can happily say that your home has an extra bedroom. Remember that your extra bedroom can also serve as a space for you to stretch out when it’s not in use by visitors. So, enjoy this new and improved room in your home and don’t fret about changing it again if need be.