Sunday, 17 Nov 2019
Kitchen Remodel Ideas

How to Conserve Space in a Crowded Kitchen

If you still haven’t gotten the roomy, luxurious kitchen of your dreams, all hope isn’t lost. You can strategically organize and decorate your kitchen to conserve space to help a crowded area appear larger and roomier.

Tear Down a Wall

Today, open floor plans are all the rage in new houses on the market. An open floor plan may feature a great room that extends through the living area to the dining room to include the kitchen. With this type of floor plan, even a tiny kitchen will appear large and welcoming since you can easily communicate with friends and family in the living room or dining area while preparing a meal.

If possible, consider investing in the cost of renovation to tear down a dividing wall between a kitchen and a living room. Even if a portion of a wall is removed to create a cutout above the stove or sink in a kitchen, it will help to expose a tiny kitchen and support a more spacious floor plan in a home.

Store Above Eye Level

Instead of crowding a kitchen with knickknacks, cooking supplies, and utensils on the counter tops, try to store as close to the ceiling as possible. Most kitchen cabinets have storage areas on top, which can be used to hold serving dishes and seasonal items, like Christmas china.

If your cabinets don’t provide overhead storage room, you can install kitchen shelves above eye level. This additional storage space will provide the opportunity to stack plates, cups, bowls, wineglasses, and the like virtually out of sight so that a kitchen appears less cramped.

Repaint One Wall

Making a subtle change in the color scheme of your kitchen can make a world of difference in opening up a congested space. Even better, repainting a single wall in a kitchen in a different or even deeper color than the rest of the decor can make the other walls appear to recede so that the space looks immediately bigger.

If your kitchen is painted in neutral tones, you can paint an accent wall in any bold or vibrant color that fits in with the rest of your kitchen decor. Or, you can paint one kitchen wall a dark color in a deeper intensity than the existing paint color, such as a vibrant yellow used with a light custard hue on the remaining walls.

Use Natural Light

Whenever possible, make the most of the natural light that you have in your kitchen, even if it’s only one small window above the kitchen sink. The window can be showcased with light, airy curtains that remain open to let the sun shine through to help the small room feel spacious in the daylight hours.

When natural light is used instead of artificial lighting above a kitchen counter-top or over an island, it will add an organic element to a small kitchen area to make the most of the space available.

Using all of these tips will effectively help you to open up a tiny kitchen without having to spend the big bucks to remodel your home completely!