Thursday, 17 Oct 2019


Are you moving to Sydney, Australia? There are many things to organise, so it is recommended to call an international removal company instead of a company that organise removals in Sydney to manage all the preparation, logistics, transport, but also the customs clearance of your goods to your new home.

Preparation phase

Normally a furniture removal company sends one of their advisers to your home to assess the amount of furniture and belongings to be moved, as well as any objects and goods to be considered: fragile, works of art or even a vehicle.

They will help you to establish a valuation for furniture and personal effects. In addition, they will offer transport insurance solutions to cover your goods for the duration of the move, from packaging to delivery to your new home. They can also insure the value of the move (the price of the transport)

Before loading, you must also sign a “moving consignment note” which summarises the chosen general conditions of transport. The staff will also use a packing list that details the contents of each of your boxes and parcels.

Depending on the mode of transport chosen, whether by road freight or by sea in containers and then by truck, your moving company will use adapted packaging techniques during the collection and loading of your goods. Maritime transit requires precautions with loading, because the containers are subjected to the roll of the boats which transport them. In the same way, vibrations that are poorly handled by bad packaging can create perforations in the furniture. Specialised movers are there to prevent these transport risks. Packaging and experience are paramount! Did you know that the temperature of a sea container exposed to the sun can reach 90°C?

Importing goods and furniture beyond a certain period of time or permanently entails border entry fees. It is therefore important to set up customs formalities specific to each destination. With years of experience, your removal company will know the local specificities of many non-European countries and will inform the customer. They will also support connections between freight forwarders and correspondents through their network of international partners. If you plan to live abroad only for a short time, the alternative solution of furniture storage is recommended.

Transportation of your goods

There is no fixed transit time, but in general it takes about 1½ to 2 months for Asia, 4 weeks for North America, 5 weeks for Africa and 8 weeks for Australia.

If you opt for shipping, allow 2 to 6 weeks before picking up your container. The price will depend on the volume loaded in the container. For a container in groupage, it is necessary to count between $33 and $46 per cubic metre. For a complete container, expect between $18 and $27 per cubic metre.

Air transport: the move is made by cargo plane. It is the ideal solution for urgent moves (count 7 to 10 days) or for small cubic meters, because the price is dependent on the destination and the weight / volume transported. Up to 500 kg, costs from $365 to $731, insurance and customs fees are in addition to this cost.

Your vehicle

First of all, check that the documents of your vehicle (car, motorcycle, boat) are in good standing and confirm whether to provide additional authorizations for compliance of the vehicle when going through customs.