Thursday, 17 Oct 2019
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Definition of Drilling Machine

A drill machine is a tool that used to enlarge a hole that has been perforated by an auger or given a core. In principle it is an operation of the precision of a well-marked hole with a single lath type tool chisel. Drilling is a precision machining process that includes rigidity and accuracy of products with specially designed tolerances. Holes in the drilling process are formed and worked to the end after being drilled.

There are several kinds of divisions for drilling machines, it can be division for object (workpiece) or it can be for battery power for cordless drill. For cordless drill, check best 18v cordless drill here. This article will discuss more about types of drilling machines based on workpiece.

Types of Drilling Machines


  1. Drilling Machine Table

The table drill machine is a drill machine placed on the table. This machine is used to make the workpiece hole with small diameter (limited up to 16 mm diameter). The working principle of the table drilling machine is round

the electric motor is passed to the engine shaft so that the shaft rotates. Furthermore, the rotating axle at the same time as the drill holder can be moved up and down with the help of straight gears and rack teeth that can adjust the pressure of the feed during drilling.


  1. Floor Drilling Machine

Floor drilling machine is a drill machine mounted on the floor. Floor drilling machine is also called column drilling machine. The other type of floor drilling machine is a drill machine whose desk is propped with support rods. This type of drilling machine is usually designed for drilling large and heavy workpieces.


  1. Radial Drilling Machine

The radial drill machine is specially designed for drilling large and heavy workpieces. This machine is directly mounted on the floor, while the machine table is permanently mounted on the base or the base of the machine.


  1. Coordinate Drilling Machine

The coordinate drilling machine is essentially the same as the previous drill machine. The difference is in the drilling position setting system. Coordinate drilling machine is used to make / hole the hole with the center point distance and the diameter of the hole between each has a size and high accuracy. To obtain a high accuracy measure is used a combination table that can be adjusted in a longitudinal direction and transverse direction with the help of optical systems. The accuracy and precision of the size with the optical system can be adjusted to achieve a tolerance of 0.001 mm.

How the Drilling Machine Works

The principle of drilling machine work using pneumatic system for drilling process. This drilling machine consists of two steps work process that is two cylinders at the same time pressing the workpiece and the main cylinder inside the machine pushing the table for drilling process. Where the pneumatic system components of this drilling machine are the main cylinder, valve 5/2, regulator, one-way flow control valve.

The usual drill machine is also called the drilling machine. The drilling machine has the following way of workings:

  1. Create a groove or a piece to be cut for the object or material that will be done (workpiece).
  2. Put the workpiece on the desk.
  3. Lock the workpiece by using clamp.
  4. Attaching a parser (auger) to the spindle.
  5. Directs the coffin in the work piece to be cut.
  6. Pressing the scrolling machine so that the drill bit will rotate and cause the hollow workpiece to the desired part.