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Antique furniture should maintain its original finish and one of the best ways to achieve this includes using wax finishes or a good quality furniture oil which is simple to apply. The wax will also work on gently cleaning away any of the old dirt that has accumulated on the furniture as well as keep your antique pieces looking attractive. Before you begin, always make sure the surfaces are dry and clean and use a soft cloth to clean your furniture.

Woodworm And Antique Furniture

Many people start to panic when they see holes made by woodworm in their antique furniture pieces, yet these holes won’t always mean that the worm is still alive or spreading to other pieces of furniture around your home. It is easy to treat most furniture pieces, unless the piece has become badly infested or structurally weakened. If your furniture is badly damaged from woodworm, you may need to get rid of it or you can contact someone from an antique furniture restorer in Essex for advice.

When the damage from woodworm is slight, with small holes, the best solution is to buy a woodworm commercial killing fluid which is much more effective. In most cases you will need to inject the fluid into the holes or paint over the surface. There are products that feature injecting nozzles, which are the easiest to use as all you need to do is insert the provided nozzle into your holes and carefully squeeze in the liquid. It is advisable to treat the entire area that has been affected, where you can visibly see the holes. You should also re-treat the areas as a precaution after a couple of days. It is recommended to brush the solution over the entire area. You should also be wearing gloves as the solution is often harsh and you do not want it to come into contact with your skin.

Cracks And Holes

Antique furniture will often go through general wear-and-tear due to how old it is, and it is usual to see a few small holes caused from years of use, old woodworm or even cracks caused from shrinkage from temperature variations. These small holes and cracks are often easy to repair with King-Wax sticks. These come in various colours, so to obtain the closest colour of your wood, you may need to mix 2 together by warming the wax inside … Read the rest ...

When it comes to ultimate comfort and relaxation, there is no alternative to recliner. It goes without saying why it has been the first choice for households for decades. There are different types of recliners available to choose from. If you want to replace the old chair or buying a new recliner for the first time, let’s discuss the common types of best recliners 2018.

Rocker Recliners

These recliners are like rocking chair. You can have rocking motion when you keep it in upright position. These are the best choice to nod off to sleep and they are the hottest favorite chairs for nursing mothers. They can rock the baby to sleep and then turn them into recline position once they asleep. Both mother and baby can get some nap.

Wall Huggers

These recliners are also known as ‘Wall Savers”. These are designed to take only small space. It will need around a foot of space behind chair to recline properly. Recliners can be heavy chairs and large enough.

Swivel Recliners

As the name suggests, these recliners provide 360o motion without getting off the chair. This feature is very handy in office chairs. Some recliners also come with rocker feature.

Lift Recliners

It is a specialized chair which reclines and helps user off the chair. It guides the person on their feet from sitting position. It is good for those who cannot stand up from chairs, especially post operation patients, elderly, and those with bad backs or hips and weak knees. These types of recliners are made with sturdy materials and they have powerful motors. They come in different strengths and sizes for all body types.

Massage and Heat Recliners

These massage chairs are specially designed with recline feature. But these are not recliners. When a chair is positioned in upright position, it looks like a chair. Massage and heat recliner has vibration and heat options to vibrate the back area and heat up. Some chairs also have foot rest and seat rest areas. But these don’t provide the same benefits as typical massage chair. But they provide vibration and heat to the body which is very relaxing and cozy.… Read the rest ...

The prices of property in Spain have dropped drastically – some by as much as 35-50% – making them the same as the value in 2004. This is bad news for sellers who will be selling the properties at a loss but great news if you are looking to buy property in Spain at the moment. “There is a wide choice of properties to choose from ranging from townhouses, luxury villas, beachside apartments, fincas and commercial properties,” says estate agents in Menorca, Spain.

The international press has covered the problems that have tainted the Spanish property market including instances of ‘land grabbing’, people who have purchased illegal properties and those who have been hit with liabilities that they weren’t aware of before purchasing.

A question being asked by everyone at the moment is whether it’s safe to buy in Spain? We’ve put together some guidelines to consider when deciding whether Spanish property is for you:

1. Read up on the Spanish Laws

You must realize that the property law in Spain is very different from the ones in your home country. You should be more careful and cautious than you would have been in your own country.

2. Research the Liabilities Associated With the Property

Acknowledge the fact that the property you are buying might have some liabilities and could be connected to a state infrastructure project. If there is an infrastructure project around your property, there is the risk of losing a proportion of the land.

3. Familiarise Yourself With the Spanish Property Keywords

Make sure you understand the Spanish property law before you go hunting for a property. You should know the relevance and meaning of Urbanizado, Fully Urbanizado or Rural to fully know where the property you are interested in falls under.

4. Invest In An Excellent Lawyer

Invest some time in searching for an excellent lawyer. The conveyancing should be done by the lawyer and nobody else. There are some characteristics that the lawyer should have, namely that he/she is: independent (of the agent, developer and the seller), fluently speaks your language, is a specialist in conveyancing, fully qualified with high public liability insurance. All the assurances and advice you get from your lawyer should be in writing.

5. Make Sure to Have All Documents Translated into Your Language Before Signing Anything

Don’t sign anything at any point in time until the document has been … Read the rest ...

Reupholstering a piece of antique furniture is a great way to give it new life. The process involves removing the fabric, padding, springs, and other materials from the existing wooden frame. These materials are then replaced with new fabric and accessories, helping to restore the furniture back to its former glory.

Instead of throwing away old furniture, reupholstering it gives you a chance to continue using it for many more years. Heirloom-quality furniture is often reupholstered multiple times throughout its life, allowing it to be passed down through the generations.

Professional or DIY?

For professional-quality results, you can hire a company such at The Upholstery Workshop to reupholster the furniture for you. These companies have the tools, expertise, and experience to do the job right. Unfortunately, the cost of having furniture reupholstered can be quite high. If you are working on a tight budget, you may want to consider taking on the project yourself. Transforming an old, outdated piece of furniture into something beautiful and new can be a fun and rewarding process.

The vast majority of antique furniture pieces can be reupholstered, simply because of how they were constructed. In most cases, older furniture is extremely well-made and can last for many decades. Newer furniture, on the other hand, is a little bit less predictable. Some pieces that were made in the recent past don’t have a solid enough underlying structure to be reupholstered.

Deconstructing the Furniture

Typically, it is a good idea to snap a photo or two of the piece of furniture before you begin the project. That way, you will have a guide to refer back to when you are putting it all back together.

Likewise, as you deconstruct the furniture, take photos of each part of the process. You may even want to take detailed photos of certain parts of the furniture so that you can clearly see how they were originally put together. This can make it easier to put everything back together the right way when you are done with the project.

The process of reupholstering a piece of furniture can take quite a while, depending on the size and complexity of the piece. During that time, it is easy to forget how the original piece of furniture looked or how it was put together. Having a series of photos can help overcome this challenge.

If you are reupholstering a sofa or couch, … Read the rest ...

Picking furniture for any living space can be quite a project. Arranging it is a whole other story, too. You should never approach furniture arrangement in any setting in a random or lazy way. You should always take the process seriously. If you do it right, it can practically be a work of art. When you’re on the lookout for a furniture store Miami, FL locals can count on for amazing and modern options for any living space, you can breathe a nice sigh of relief. There are many businesses in the area that offer customers extensive options in contemporary and high-quality furniture pieces. If you’re thorough and detail-oriented, you should be able to locate a local business that has all the right furniture pieces for your home. Once you complete your purchases, though, you need to make sure you’re well-versed in all the finest furniture arrangement and layout techniques.

Make Good Use of Your Tape Measure

If you want to begin the furniture arrangement process like an expert, you need to make good use of your tape measure. This is vital for purposes of attaining room dimensions. People who lack accurate and precise dimensions won’t be able to make any solid arrangement decisions. It’s critical to assess nearby door, stair and hallway dimensions as well.

Make Sure That There Is Absolutely Nothing Inside of Your Designated Space

People who are in planning on managing furniture arrangement needs should clear out designated rooms. This can be extremely difficult for individuals who reside in tight quarters. It can often be worth it in the long run, however. If you want to make smart arrangement choices, then it can help immensely to work with a space that’s devoid of all items. This can make picturing a successful interior design layout a lot easier.

Determine the Highlight of Your Room

Rooms all benefit from designated “highlights.” If you want to concentrate on a specific part of any living space, that’s its highlight. Paintings on walls often serve as highlights. Classic fireplaces and area rugs frequently serve as them, too. You need to establish your furniture pieces in a manner that draws attention to this distinctive component. Beds tend to be common highlights in master bedrooms. Couches tend to be common highlights in family rooms as well.

Blend Large, Medium and Small Furniture Pieces

If you want to put together an interior design … Read the rest ...