Thursday, 17 Oct 2019

Bring Value to Your Home – Cost Effective and Quick

Painting is the most convenient and money saving upgrade project you can do to your home. With hundreds of colors and shades your choices are endless. Create a space of visual appeal, comfort and value. Stick to shades that bring out your personality to include a theme. Tranquility, fun and energy are some of my favorites.

Get some feedback from family members to include them in the process. Why break the bank trying to improve your home when this simple project makes a huge impact. As a professional real estate appraiser my advice is always upgrade!

For kitchens I suggest bright and energetic colors since this is where the life of the home resides. Good lighting is a must therefore color should be the focus. The family room should be a shade that reflects energy from the whole family. Remember this is the gathering space for movies, music and overall social space.

Pick a shade that reflects your personality and ambiance. If movies are your family favorite pastimes in this space then a subtle shade should be your choice. But if you prefer listening to music in this space you should choose a shade that reflects that particular genre. Maybe a bold shade for salsa music and a pale shade for classical music.

Now for the master bedroom I strongly suggest a color that reflects your personality. This is particularly important because this room is made to be your sanctuary. Keep in mind that if you have a master bath you should allow the color scheme to flow.

This will give the space a visual appeal. The bedroom linens and coverings should be kept in the same color flow. Don’t allow your colors to clash. Another tip is to purchase good quality rollers and brushes. You should keep in mind that choosing a satin based shade is best for both the bedroom and baths. The satin finish brings out a touch of glow to space. In other words, it gives it a high-end look.

I prefer satin finish throughout the home, but again the choice is yours. Whichever color finish you decide to use it will always create value. Remember value is key when maintaining your home’s condition. Touch up is simple too. Wipe and clean to bring out the fresh appearance should you get marks or spots. Painting is just a cost-effective and easy way to achieve your remodeling ideas.