Monday, 14 Oct 2019
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Bi Folding Patio Doors-Elegant, Secure & Durable

Bi-folding doors are becoming more and more popular especially in heavily residential areas in London, here’s why.

A) Elegant

These doors naturally infuse the outside environment into the inside by bringing in a perfect blend. They will open up your interior of the living room and merge it with the outside area. This might be a garden area or any other space, but clearly, you will get a perfect view and feel from the inside. They as well allow maximum light from the outside and will provide for privacy if needed.

Designed for both homes and business places, and coming in several innovative techniques, bi-folding patio doors are for those who appreciate light with a fusion of the outside to come up with unimaginable elegance. Of course, with a great aesthetic appeal to boot. The slide and fold ones can easily open the entire space to the outside, immediately transforming the feel and look of your home and add a great sense of value. In good weather, bi-folding patio doors will guarantee you a seamless integration between the outside and the inside and will as well allow for ease of movement in and out of your domestic property.

B) Secure

Frames for these doors are typically made of timber, PVC, and aluminium. Bi-folds designed from aluminium will offer great strength and are suitable for openings of up to 7 meters. This also allows for a slim profile that leaves more space for the glass area, providing a great amount of light and visibility to the outside when the doors are closed. Apart from the fact that they are weatherproof, the doors will as well ensure excellent thermal efficiency. This is because the external and internal components of each frame have a thermal division that stops them from touching hence inhibiting heat or cold from being conducted from surface to surface.

This makes these doors reasonably secure, whilst offering incredible access in the domestic or commercial property. Indeed, many designs today come with a double-glazed glass that provides an extra layer of security for your home and family. With a multi-point locking system, together with an inline hidden tracking system, the doors cannot easily be broken into by unwanted persons. Further, you can install security screen doors at the external parts of the doors as an added security measure. This way, the doors can remain open and still maintain a high-security element.

C) Durable

When it comes to durability, the doors are an assured value for money. Aluminium is strong and great in design too and is way durable than the other types of materials such as plastic or timber. You will not be required to do a lot of maintenance, unlike timber which is more prone to damage as it is affected by harsh weather. Because aluminium is strong, it is mainly used for creating very slim bi-folding patio door frames, which leaves you with a larger profile to view through the glass.

Aluminium is mostly powder-coated meaning that you do not require any painting on them. And just like the uPVC types, they will not corrode or rot, assuring you of unmatched durability. Maybe they would only need cleaning with a damp piece of cloth and some soap once a year to give them the shiny look.

Timber can be reinforced by using an aluminium coat on them to ensure that they are more resistant to thermal energy and will as well require less maintenance. All in all, bi-folding doors can guarantee you a higher lifespan than any other doors due to the material they are made in. They are extremely durable in high-quality PVC and aluminium finishes provided by Arkay Windows .

The above qualities are some of the reasons why you should consider bi-folding patio doors, for your property. Even though these doors are mostly installed in residential properties, they are a great choice for restaurants, sports halls, reception areas, canteens and even swimming pool areas. They will provide a great aesthetic value while ensuring that the property is secure and will last long. Their practicability and versatility add to the many benefits that these doors provide.