Thursday, 17 Oct 2019
Bathroom Remodel Ideas

8 Small Bathroom Ideas That Work

By: Juhan Sonin

Let’s face it – bathroom layouts, as opposed to kitchen layouts, are not easy to pull off at all. Now, small bathroom layouts are even more challenging considering the space limitations. If you have a small bathroom and are short on ideas on how to spice it up then you are definitely in the right place. Every design element in a small bathroom should have a purpose and be functional in some way or another to create a space-saving sanctuary

To assist you, we have compiled some of our top bathroom makeovers to show you evidence of how small bathroom ideas can be implemented. Here is a look at 8 small bathroom ideas:

1. Mirror Walls

By adding a mirror to an entire bathroom wall can help to enlarge the look and feel of a small space. This can work really well along one wall of a narrow bathroom or above a vanity unit. Mirrors act as excellent reflectors of light meaning you can spread the light that comes from windows and light fixtures across the entire space.

2. Wall Mounted Toilets

If there is space in the wall structures of your small bathroom, it is possible to build in a toilet tank and then mount the toilet onto the wall in order to save on both legroom and floor space. If it is not possible to mount the toilet onto a wall, you can try adding shelves on top of the toilet tank to create additional storage. You can also consider extending your vanity top to form a narrow ledge.

3. Lose The Bath

The truth is that baths take up a lot of space (approximately twice the space) when compared to typical showers. If you can lose the bath, you can save on a lot of valuable space and significantly open up your bathroom. Showers can be used by everyone from family members to guests. If you integrate a hand shower, you can also give your pets a nice bath every now and then. However, if you really need the tub (because of bathing small children or other reasons) you should consider getting a low profile bath that does not consume a lot of space.

4. Frameless Shower Panels

Most people are not very fond of shower curtains. Shower curtains stick to your body when showering and are difficult to keep clean. Shower curtains also keep a third of your bathroom hidden. To prevent this, replace your shower curtains with frameless glass panels that allow more light into the tub or shower and significantly open up your bathroom as well.

5. Continual Flooring and Curbless Showers

Curbless showers are one of our more amazing small bathroom design ideas. By removing the curb that surrounds your shower, your flooring can run smoothly right into the shower. This is possible with different types of flooring such as tiles, stone slab and concrete floors. You can even add an infinity edge or concealed drained for a seamless look. Curbless showers are also very easy to clean.

6. Floating Vanities and Small Sinks

As with mounted toilets, mounted sinks are an effective way of saving on floor space which makes your bathroom look bigger than it is. If you need a considerable amount of storage, you can install a mounted floating vanity. Preferably look for thinly edged sinks and a narrow washbasin design. These are made of strong ceramic and offer large wash basins in less space.

7. Think Vertical

Add open shelving above the vanity mirror or entry door, or at the end of a bath or on the wall above the toilet. Install narrow open shelves that ensure everything remains simple and light. Also, you can install metal towel rails and for the cabinets, you can get ones with glass fronts. Do not forget about behind the door as it is also an excellent place for robe hooks and towel bars.

8. Sliding Doors

Apart from getting rid of the bath, another amazing way to save on space is to change from the conventional in-swinging door to a sliding door. To do this, you must create a pocket within the adjacent wall. If done properly, you can save up to 9 square feet of space in your bathroom. You also improve your flexibility in the bathroom. Alternatively, you can opt for surface mounted sliding doors that create a sleek barn door look.