Monday, 14 Oct 2019
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5 Reasons to Have Yellow Color in Your Home Décor

Are you a fan of yellow? No! It’s not that song by Coldplay; it’s about the color yellow. Home décor experts consider yellow color to be a bit of a tricky color when it comes to incorporating it with the other colors while decorating any home. Since blending in of yellow color with other shades of white or pink or even blue and black; chances are that your room may tend to give a gaudy appearance if the mixture is not executed properly.

Now! Why should you add yellow color in your home décor? Is it really necessary? Check out these 5 convincing reasons to induct a tinge of yellow in decorating your home today!

  1. Main Entrance:

 The front door of your home is considered to be the ultimate gateway to your heaven on earth. Now you must be wondering if painting the main gate of your home yellow will give it a weird appearance or not? The answer is No! Rather it will give your home a more striking outlook with a distinctive main door that would catch the attention of anyone in your neighborhood.

You can even paint the door in contrasting colors with yellow as well and it will look beautiful.

  1. Bigger Space:

 As per the home décor experts; adding a touch of yellow color while decorating your home will give it a more spacious and airy outlook. If you paint the walls yellow; the artwork and wall hangings on that particular wall will give it a more roomy appearance rather than the other painted walls with different colors.

Sounds intriguing? It surely is! But that’s the beauty of this powerful color called yellow! Moreover, adding a bit of a yellow color in your home will give it a more comfy and welcoming atmosphere.

  1. Furniture Beauty:

 Believe it or not! But furniture items tend to look more pretty and neat when blended with yellow painted walls in a home. If your furniture is made up of more earthy tones; then you are in for a delight if you are thinking on painting the walls of your room with any shade of yellow.


For instance; if your furniture is of dark brown color; it would balance very well with a lighter shade of yellow especially in the living room or study room.

  1. Bedroom Accessories:

 If you are into beautiful bedroom equipment especially those who are used on your giant bed; then make sure that you add a little bit of yellow touch to it.

Nothing looks more appealing to the eyes then a dazzling lemon yellow bed spread or a light yellow best down alternative comforter with matching pillow sets and fluffy cushions. Now this sounds perfect, isn’t it? Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check them out today!

  1. Fireplace:

Now you must be wondering how a fireplace can be colored yellow when the color of fire is itself yellowish orange? Well! That’s the best part. As per the home décor experts; blending in of a light color with a similar dark shade can result in beautiful decorative materials for your home.

So, if you are thinking about decorating your fireplace and the surrounding area; do try out the yellow colored paint all around. You won’t be disappointed!

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