Wednesday, 11 Dec 2019

Many people use the time spent walking their pets as time for relaxation.  But few think of using that time as an occasion for regular exercise.  And many folks don’t really take the “exercise” part of the equation seriously.  While they enjoy taking the dog out and strolling through the neighborhood, they often don’t indulge in activity sufficient to really burn off calories, tighten muscles or give cardio-vascular systems a real workout.  Indeed, some people will go out, walk their dog, and return to sit and eat before the television for the remainder of the evening.  Others make a big production out of using expensive exercise equipment at home or in the gym, when they could have the same exercise by really working out while walking their pet.

You might consider making your daily dog walk a real form of regular exercise.  It wouldn’t cost much and would benefit both you and your pet if incorporated into your daily regimen.  Put on a GPS smartwatch with built in sports apps – available with a Groupon coupon from Garmin – to help you keep track of your activity while working out.  Wear some comfortable activewear and bring along a water bottle and you are ready to start getting into shape.  Take a different route each day so you don’t get bored.  And try making the exercise a game with your pet to make it more of a shared experience.  There are also many clubs of individuals who like to exercise with their pets as a regular activity.  It can be another way to meet folks and make friends.  And take advantage of the opportunity to use some of Garmin’s best exercise monitoring products like their wristwatch with built-in wristband heart monitor.  Use a Groupon to obtain one that you can wear when exercising.

By making this a regular routine your pet will soon eagerly anticipate going out for the daily run.  You will find it a great way to unwind after coming home from a day at work; exercise is one of the best ways to get rid of tensions built up in the workplace.  And you will sleep sounder.  Your regular run may be a bonding experience you share with your pet, and one that costs far less than membership in a gym or fitness club.… Read the rest ...

Summer is a time of outdoor fun, from lazing by the pool to hiking, biking, boating and water skiing. Summer is also a time of mosquitos. Not only can these pesky critters ruin your fun in the sun, they can also carry dangerous diseases. Even if a mosquito bite doesn’t land you in the hospital, they itch like crazy and can mar your enjoyment of the warmer months. But now you don’t have to suffer through the summer swatting and batting bugs away, you can actually say goodbye mosquitoes-naturally.

mosquito attack

Don’t Exchange One Problem For Another

While mosquitoes can carry a number of different diseases, some of the chemicals often used to combat them can be every bit as harmful or hazardous to your health. Most commercial bug sprays and treatments contain Pyrethoids, which are particularly harmful to pets and children. Pyrethroids are actually considered a toxin to cats and can lead to severe behavioral issues in children and possibly even inhibit proper brain development.

Even the EPA has stated that these chemicals can cause cancer by disrupting the endocrine system. The chemicals can mimic estrogen in the body which leads to an increased chance of developing breast cancer. Pyrethroids have also been linked to pulmonary tumors and can even lead to chromosomal abnormalities and possible immune dysfunction.

Say Goodbye Mosquitoes-Naturally

There are a number of great ways to deal with mosquitoes without resorting to the use of toxic chemicals. Citronella candles are well known for their ability to ward off the pesky varmints and there are a number of other essential oils and all-natural ways to keep mosquitoes away without causing harm to the environment or your own health.

While remedies like Citronella candles and other essential oils are great and work like a charm – they only work as long as you are burning the candle or wearing the essential oil. Wearing an essential oil to ward off mosquitoes doesn’t do a whole lot of good for your guests, however, and it also doesn’t keep them from flying around your head and interrupting your leisurely morning by the pool.

There is good news, however!

These days, there are a number of commercial companies that have developed sprays using all natural ingredients, including essential oils. By having your property sprayed with an all-natural commercial treatment, you get 24/7 protection that lasts for several weeks. You may need to … Read the rest ...

Your plumbing is a delicate system that is vital for your home’s livability. When disaster strikes, you may need to call an emergency plumber to help. Here are the five most common reasons why you may need the help of a professional.

1. Busted Water Pipes

When the temperatures get below freezing, your water pipes may burst. As the water flowing through the pipes turns from a liquid to a solid, it can expand and bust the structure. Water breaks are very common in PVC pipes. After you shut off the main valve that allows water to come into the home, you should call for emergency help.

2. Backed Up Septic Lines

The septic lines carry waste from your home to a unit in the yard or a public system. If these lines are broken, backed up, or have tree roots growing in them, then it can be a recipe for disaster. Dealing with septic waste is toxic and dangerous. You must have professional help when dealing with the septic lines.

3. Clogged Toilet

You would be surprised what a plumber will find down the toilet. This is especially true if there is a storage cabinet above the toilet. It is not uncommon to find toys, razors, bottles, or Legos. When items go down into the toilet, they will clog the flow of the drain lines. When someone uses the restroom, it cannot be flushed due to a blockage. A plumber can remove the blockage, even if it means taking up the toilet to clean out the obstruction.

4. Leaking Faucet

Nothing is more annoying than a dripping faucet. Over time, the drip will turn into a full-blown leak. The best thing to do when you have a leak coming from a pipe or faucet is to call for help. If your faucet has a slow leak and drips 60 times in an hour, then you are wasting 22 gallons of water each day. Yearly, you would be wasting over 8,000 gallons. If your water is spewing out due to a leak, your water meter will be in overdrive. This constitutes professional, emergency help.

5. No Water Pressure

Have you ever turned on the water to find you have no water pressure? If the problem is not the city working on the lines, then you may have a leak. Sometimes you have leaks in the home that you cannot see … Read the rest ...

Are you a fan of yellow? No! It’s not that song by Coldplay; it’s about the color yellow. Home décor experts consider yellow color to be a bit of a tricky color when it comes to incorporating it with the other colors while decorating any home. Since blending in of yellow color with other shades of white or pink or even blue and black; chances are that your room may tend to give a gaudy appearance if the mixture is not executed properly.

Now! Why should you add yellow color in your home décor? Is it really necessary? Check out these 5 convincing reasons to induct a tinge of yellow in decorating your home today!

  1. Main Entrance:

 The front door of your home is considered to be the ultimate gateway to your heaven on earth. Now you must be wondering if painting the main gate of your home yellow will give it a weird appearance or not? The answer is No! Rather it will give your home a more striking outlook with a distinctive main door that would catch the attention of anyone in your neighborhood.

You can even paint the door in contrasting colors with yellow as well and it will look beautiful.

  1. Bigger Space:

 As per the home décor experts; adding a touch of yellow color while decorating your home will give it a more spacious and airy outlook. If you paint the walls yellow; the artwork and wall hangings on that particular wall will give it a more roomy appearance rather than the other painted walls with different colors.

Sounds intriguing? It surely is! But that’s the beauty of this powerful color called yellow! Moreover, adding a bit of a yellow color in your home will give it a more comfy and welcoming atmosphere.

  1. Furniture Beauty:

 Believe it or not! But furniture items tend to look more pretty and neat when blended with yellow painted walls in a home. If your furniture is made up of more earthy tones; then you are in for a delight if you are thinking on painting the walls of your room with any shade of yellow.


For instance; if your furniture is of dark brown color; it would balance very well with a lighter shade of yellow especially in the living room or study room.

  1. Bedroom Accessories:

 If you are into beautiful bedroom equipment especially those who are used on … Read the rest ...